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Residual current transformer

Residual current transformer

Product parameters
  TR21 series of residual (zero sequence) current transformers, designed to collect the remaining (zero sequence) current signal and design. Remaining (zero sequence) current is usually mA level, and must be through the way of the core, the balance of characteristics, interference and linearity higher.
  This series of products wide measuring range, rated current range: 10mA ~ 5A, rated secondary current range: 0 ~ 5mA, excellent high permeability magnetic core and advanced production process to ensure its accuracy level, reliability, etc. skills requirement.
  Flexible output
  Through-core structure, epoxy casting, good stability
  High permeability permalloy or nanocrystalline, good linearity and high sensitivity
  Excellent balance characteristics, and has strong resistance to electromagnetic interference
  For motor protection, relay protection, small current line selection grounding system
  Suitable for electrical fire monitoring system
  Circuit diagram
  Recommended specifications selection

  Note: The above table specifications for the common parameters, can also be customized according to customer needs.
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