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State Power Xu Ji electrical audit team to visit Tianrui inspection guidance

State Power Xu Ji electrical audit team to visit Tianrui inspection guidance

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2015/11/19 20:27
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Xuji Electric Co., Ltd. audit team of 6 people, from November 17, 2015 ~ November 18, 2015, Tianrui conducted a two-day spot checks and system audits.
  Xuji Electric Co., Ltd. audit team of 6 people, from November 17, 2015 ~ November 18, 2015, Tianrui conducted a two-day spot checks and system audits.
  The spot checks, Xu JI Electric R & D and design processes, product testing and stereotypes process, R & D process quality control processes, procurement of raw materials management system and procurement of key components quality control procedures, production process quality control and key production process control procedures such as the five Review the project to carry out on-site spot checks and system audits to determine whether to maintain the ability of qualified Tin Shui supplier confidence.
  The audit team carried out a detailed on-site examination and comparison of recorded documents on the five major audited projects. The audit team conducted research on TianRui's product development and reliability testing platform, production automation assembly line transformation, introduction of ERP system, employee occupational health and safety protection and Employee mental outlook display, as well as the complete and effective product quality control document records, gave a high rating. At the same time, the audit team encouraged Tianrui Company to continue to consolidate the existing process foundation, and further increase investment in R & D of new materials and technological innovation of production automation in an effort to achieve the goal of zero defects in products and provide more reliable products and efficient services for the State Grid Tianrui Company readily accepted the opinion of the audit team.
  Through this thorough and detailed on-the-spot inspection and system audit, it deepened mutual understanding between Xuji and Tianrui and pointed out the direction of the roadmap for further partnership deepened by both sides.