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The 7th Forum on Distribution Automation Technology was successfully concluded in Kunming

The 7th Forum on Distribution Automation Technology was successfully concluded in Kunming

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2016/08/12 02:05
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Sponsored by the National Power System Management and Information Exchange Standardization Technical Committee sponsored by Purcell Media 2016 seventh session of the Forum on Distribution Automation T
  Sponsored by the National Power System Management and Information Exchange Standardization Technical Committee sponsored by Purcell Media 2016 seventh session of the Forum on Distribution Automation Technology on August 6 in the beautiful Spring City - Kunming came to an end. This forum adheres to the concept of ”attaching equal importance to both practical theory and application of technical application“, and continues the rigorous and innovative style of the previous session. Experts and scholars from the industry, the national power grid management unit, power design and research institutes and equipment suppliers attended the meeting, representatives, in-depth discussion of power distribution automation policies, standards, hot technologies, with a view to China's distribution network construction And the healthy and sustainable development of power industry offer advice and suggestions.
  This forum has a duration of 3 days, in which more than 60 thematic lectures have been set up. The forum has been started with the form of ”main forum + sub-forum + project visit“。 The contents are colorful and multi-dimensional and present the development status in distribution automation field, technical research, Standard progress, future trends and so on, during which no lack of confrontation and collision of ideas and wisdom can be described as a real sense of visual and audio gluttonous feast. Meeting ad hoc product display area, more than one hundred equipment manufacturers gathered here, so that delegates enjoy the technology feast at the same time, intuitive understanding of equipment manufacturers of new products, new technologies and the latest research and development

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  Focus on the main forum - speak the power of words
  The main forum on the 4th is one of the highlights of this session. Zhang Guanyuan, secretary-general of the National Electric Power System and Information Exchange Standardization Technical Committee, and Cai Xiaibin, director of the Production Equipment Department of Yunnan Power Grid Corporation, delivered speeches respectively for the conference, expressing their cordial welcome to the participants and affirming the importance of convening this conference.
  Shen Bingbing, director of the distribution network working group of the National Electric Power System Management and Information Exchange Standardization Technical Committee, delivered the opening speech and analyzed the status quo and overall trend of the new technology of distribution automation from two aspects of technical standards and key technologies. China Electric Power Research ZHAO Jiang-he, deputy chief engineer of Institute of Power Distribution, explained the construction and development of the technical system of China's smart distribution network from the perspectives of international smart distribution network, national network intelligent distribution target and smart distribution technology system. China Southern Power Grid Huang Shaoyuan, head of the distribution network management department of the equipment department of the limited liability company, combined with his own work experience, summarized the requirements for the construction of the distribution automation of China Southern Power Grid Corporation, and its contents are of reference significance. Several experts delivered a speech delivered the latest industry trends in technology, set off the first climax of the meeting, but also bring more thought and inspiration to the industry.

  The main forum guests

Watch sub-forum - brainstorming and development
  Distribution automation industry forward-looking technology, hot topics?
  In this forum, the three major forums focus on topics such as ”Distribution Network Operational Control and Intelligent Applications“, ”Distribution Equipment Improvement and Communication Security“, ”Distribution Automation and Fast Failure Processing“。 Experts and business representatives conducted a group discussion based on their respective research fields, enabling different participants to communicate and interact with each other at close quarters and to exchange ideas and create a more convenient platform for the win-win cooperation among their peers.
  As an indispensable part of smart grid, the power distribution network is an important task of power grid construction at this stage. In the distribution network operation control and intelligent application sub-forum, the National Power System and its Information Exchange Standardization Technical Committee with the Working Group Secretary Du Hongwei brought a new generation of cloud computing based on the main distribution system report; Tianjin University Liu Hongwei, an associate professor of the School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, made a wonderful speech on the coordination of multi-voltage level and the evaluation of operational efficiency in the smart distribution network, so that delegates deepened their attention to the operation efficiency of distribution network. Tianjin Electric Power Company Electric Power Research Institute Power Grid Center, Senior Engineer Zhang Pan as the National 863 Project Task Force research group of the total contact, then the city energy Internet as a starting point for the source network load coordination operation and control technology were described in detail; State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company Chengdu Power Company Zheng Yi, Senior Engineer of Inspection and Quarantine Department, introduced the new operation and maintenance management and control under the support of distribution automation technology. This content has very practical reference value for operation and maintenance personnel in practical work. With the continuous deepening of the application of information systems and Big data, cloud computing and other new technologies are maturing and building Business unified data center is the inevitable trend of building information-based enterprises, State Power NARI Technology Co., Ltd. Distribution / Deputy Chief Engineer Zhang Zi-Zhong branch of rural power under the trend, has brought a business-based unified data center power distribution analysis and application Content of the study. In addition, Dongfang Electronics, Section Lu Electronics, Colin Electric, Hengtong Branch, Xi'an Aike Saibo, Sanqing Internet, ADI, Beijing Zhisheng, Guangzhou Jin Sun, Jicheng Electronics, Guangzhou Prime Power and other outstanding enterprises Representatives also gave speeches in succession and separately concentrated on their research on product technology and industry hot spots.
  Communication security has always been a thriving topic in the distribution network construction. In the forum for improving power distribution equipment and communications security, the topics covered all aspects of power grid construction, penetrating new technologies and new programs, and combining theory with practice. Zhang Jinbo, deputy director of the standard room of Xi'an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute, introduced the requirements of the standard for the development of a main equipment for power transmission and transformation. Zhang Bin, deputy general manager of Network Information Company of Guangdong Electric Power Design and Research Institute, brought the research on the acquisition and communication technology of the next generation smart grid terminal And solutions, referred to the G3-PLC technology and a new generation of B-PLC technology worthy of peer learning from the value of; State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Research Institute switch group leader Jia Zhijie distribution switchgear from the actual problems, list Induces the fault of distribution network defects and deeply analyzes the failure cases of switchgear. Xie Ruitao, the operation engineer of Operation Management Department of National High-voltage Electrical Apparatus Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, brings the share of testing quality analysis and testing service of high-voltage switchgear; China Electric Power Research Institute Hou Yi-ming, a professor-level senior engineer around the transformer substation factory construction, combined with the integration trend of bidding the national network were analyzed, indicating the importance of integrated power distribution. At the same time, representatives from Huayi Electric, Zhengzhou Rui Neng, Beijing Hezhong Hui Neng, Wuhan Xing Tong Li, Reese Hong Tat, Toto Technology, Hangzhou Hikvision and Belden Hersman also shared one after another Each of its outstanding distribution network equipment and communications solutions, new technologies, new applications, new ideas to interact here.
  Compared with the first and second sub-forums, distribution automation and rapid breakdown of sub-forum forum atmosphere more enthusiastic. Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau Co., Ltd. Department of System Operation Department of Distribution Automation Ge Xin Yuan from professional management standardization, operation and maintenance management lean, talent management specialization management and practice of several aspects; Shanghai Jiaotong University IEEE Fellow Qiu Cai Ming on the key technologies of big data and its In the allocation of electricity in the application of a detailed explanation; State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Company Electric Power Research Institute seized the Ministry of Science and Ecology Hu Yezhou from Zhejiang Power Company distribution automation construction mode, respectively, discussed the centralized feeder automation troubleshooting, on-site Feeder automation fault handling, remote fault indicator fault handling and so on; Shanxi Province, local power (Group) Co., Ltd. Sun Zhenquan, vice president of Design and Research Institute of distribution automation construction and operation and maintenance were in-depth sharing, which proposed meshing plan And construction, a variety of communication methods such as integration of new ideas is also worth discussing the content of the industry. Hohai University with electricity and energy efficiency Engineer Center Engineer But Tang Jun intelligent distribution network optimization scheduling technology and applications were summarized. Featured products and applications of Nanjing Xinlian Electronics, Shanghai Zitong, Shanghai Xinneng, Beijing Hongzhengtenda, Fujian Aotong Mai Sheng, Zhuhai Chuangkeke Shimo, Shandong Anya, Zhejiang Dahua, Wasion Electric and other enterprises The case has also been widely acclaimed delegates.
  Whether it is the main forum or sub-forum, the exchange of links is also not to be missed a glimpse. Host guests as full meeting of the ”lead“, to create a relaxed and lively atmosphere of the venue, to promote the in-depth academic exchange on the basis of meeting to ensure the high quality and participation in interactive.
  The same conference held the same time distribution equipment product show activities colorful. Participants have said that this form of activity to build a bridge of communication between experts, users and enterprises, to provide partners with a broader exchange and purchase platform for the development of the auxiliary industry of practical significance.
  Project Visit - Action Practice to promote the development of the industry
  In previous forum activities, the project visit is an integral part. Volume 5 of page 291 of the Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung once wrote: ”Practice is the Only Standard for Testing Truth,“ How to Better Incorporate Theory into Practice, and Turn Theory into Technical Achievements More Faster and More Common aspiration. Organizer Purcell Media In order to better serve the industry and strengthen the practical experience of delegates on the spot, the special organization delegates visited the 10kV Nanjiang Distribution Station and Kunming Power Supply Bureau Distribution Automation Master Station, and invited the project leader to elaborate the project. Explain and exchange face-to-face technical experience with delegates.
  With the successful conclusion of the project visit, the seventh Forum on Application of Distribution Automation Technology came to a successful conclusion. So far, the Forum on Application of Distribution Automation Technology has been successfully held for seven times. The forum has flexible forms and distinctive features. It closely follows the hot topics of the industry and provides new ideas and references for the development of the power industry and the technological innovation of equipment enterprises. The platform for close communication between the upstream and downstream sectors in the power industry played a role as a bridge for the smooth development of various work in the later stages and the promotion of multi-party cooperation and was highly recognized by the majority of power workers.
  Distribution Automation Technology Application Forum is not only an academic exchange event, but also a booster of thinking and change. In the future, the road of development of power industry will still be full of opportunities and challenges. Purcell Media is willing to work together with industry colleagues to create new articles.